Dollar General Pay Period 2024

For employees of Dollar General, understanding the pay period schedule is crucial for effective financial planning.

In 2024, Dollar General continues to follow a structured pay period system, ensuring that employees receive their compensation timely and accurately.

This article will guide you through the details of Dollar General’s pay periods in 2024, helping you stay informed and prepared.

Dollar General Pay Periods

Dollar General, like many other large retail companies, operates on a bi-weekly pay period system. This means that employees are paid every two weeks, resulting in 26 paychecks throughout the year. The bi-weekly system helps in consistent budgeting for employees, providing a predictable income stream.

Pay Period Schedule for 2024

Pay Period Start and End Dates

In 2024, the pay periods at Dollar General will follow a two-week cycle. Each pay period starts on a Sunday and ends on the second Saturday. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pay period start and end dates for 2024:

Pay Period Start DatePay Period End DatePay Date
January 1January 13January 19
January 14January 27February 2
January 28February 10February 16
February 11February 24March 1
February 25March 9March 15
March 10March 23March 29
March 24April 6April 12
April 7April 20April 26
April 21May 4May 10
May 5May 18May 24
May 19June 1June 7
June 2June 15June 21
June 16June 29July 5
June 30July 13July 19
July 14July 27August 2
July 28August 10August 16
August 11August 24August 30
August 25September 7September 13
September 8September 21September 27
September 22October 5October 11
October 6October 19October 25
October 20November 2November 8
November 3November 16November 22
November 17November 30December 6
December 1December 14December 20
December 15December 28January 3, 2025

Understanding Pay Dates

Employees are typically paid on the following Friday after the pay period ends. This allows the payroll department sufficient time to process the hours worked and ensure accuracy in the paychecks.

Factors Affecting Pay Periods


One factor that can affect the pay schedule is holidays. If a payday falls on a federal holiday, Dollar General may adjust the pay date to ensure employees receive their compensation promptly.

For example, if a pay date coincides with Independence Day, Christmas, or any other major holiday, employees might receive their pay a day earlier.

Direct Deposit vs. Paper Checks

Another factor that influences when employees receive their pay is their chosen method of payment.

Employees who opt for direct deposit typically receive their pay on the scheduled payday, while those who receive paper checks might experience slight delays due to mailing times.


Understanding the pay period schedule at Dollar General for 2024 is essential for effective financial planning.

By staying informed about the start and end dates of each pay period, as well as the corresponding pay dates, employees can better manage their finances and ensure they are prepared for each paycheck.

Remember to consider factors like holidays and your chosen payment method, and always aim to budget wisely to make the most of your earnings.

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