Dollar General Employees Dress Code

Dollar General, as one of the leading discount retailers in the United States, maintains a specific dress code for its employees to ensure a professional and uniform appearance across all its stores.

This dress code is designed to create an environment that is comfortable for both the employees and the customers, while also promoting the company’s brand identity.

Here’s an overview of the Dollar General employees dress code, highlighting its key components and the rationale behind them.

Key Components of the Dress Code

Shirts and Tops

Employees are required to wear company-provided shirts, which are typically in the store’s signature colors.

These shirts must be clean, well-maintained, and worn fully buttoned or as designed. Underneath the company shirt, employees may wear a plain white or black t-shirt if desired for additional comfort.

Pants and Bottoms

Acceptable bottoms include khaki or black pants, shorts, or skirts that are of professional length and fit.

Denim jeans, leggings, or any form of athletic wear are generally not permitted unless specified otherwise for certain events or conditions.

The emphasis is on maintaining a professional appearance, so clothing should not be excessively tight or loose.


For safety and comfort, employees are advised to wear closed-toe, non-slip shoes. The footwear should be in good condition and suitable for a retail environment where employees may be standing or walking for extended periods.

Brightly colored or overly decorative shoes may be considered distracting and are usually not allowed.

Accessories and Personal Grooming

Dollar General allows minimal and tasteful jewelry, but it should not interfere with job duties or pose a safety hazard.

Visible tattoos and piercings are subject to store management’s discretion, with the general guideline being that they should not be offensive or overly conspicuous.

Employees are expected to maintain good personal hygiene and a neat appearance.

Special Considerations

Certain roles or events may have specific dress code requirements or allowances. For example, during holiday seasons, employees might be permitted to wear themed accessories.

It’s important for employees to stay informed about any temporary changes to the dress code.

Rationale Behind the Dress Code

The dress code at Dollar General is not just about maintaining a uniform appearance; it serves several important purposes:

  • Brand Identity: A consistent dress code reinforces the Dollar General brand, making employees easily recognizable and promoting a professional image.
  • Safety: By requiring specific types of footwear and limiting accessories, the dress code aims to minimize workplace accidents.
  • Customer Experience: A neat, uniform appearance among employees contributes to a positive shopping experience for customers, making it easier for them to identify staff members when they need assistance.
  • Employee Comfort: While maintaining certain standards, the dress code is designed to ensure that employees are comfortable during their shifts, acknowledging the physical nature of retail work.


The Dollar General employees dress code is a thoughtfully designed policy that balances the need for a professional and uniform appearance with the comfort and safety of its employees.

By adhering to this dress code, employees contribute to a positive and cohesive brand image, enhance the shopping experience for customers, and ensure a safe working environment for themselves and their colleagues.

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