DGME Employee Handbook 2024

The Dollar General Employee (DGME) Handbook is a critical document for anyone working within the Dollar General corporation. It serves as a navigational tool for employees at all levels, providing clear guidelines, company policies, and the expectations set forth by the organization.

Understanding the handbook is not just about compliance; it’s about becoming a well-informed member of the Dollar General team, capable of making the most of one’s employment.

Purpose of the DGME Employee Handbook

The DGME Employee Handbook is designed to acquaint employees with the company culture, values, and mission. It is a go-to resource for understanding your rights, responsibilities, and the benefits available to you as a member of the Dollar General family.

The handbook also outlines the legal obligations of both the employer and the employee, helping to prevent conflicts and misunderstandings.

Key Sections of the DGME Employee Handbook

  1. Company Culture and Values:
    • This section provides an overview of Dollar General’s commitment to a positive work environment, emphasizing respect, integrity, and customer service.
  2. Employment Policies:
    • It includes detailed information on hiring practices, equal employment opportunities, and anti-discrimination policies.
  3. Code of Conduct:
  4. Compensation and Benefits:
    • Employees can find information on salary structures, overtime policies, health benefits, retirement plans, and other perks of being part of the company.
  5. Work Hours, Attendance, and Vacation Leaves:
    • This section clarifies the expectations regarding work schedules, attendance, punctuality, and guidelines for taking leave.
  6. Health and Safety:
    • The handbook emphasizes the importance of maintaining a safe work environment and details the protocols for reporting hazards or incidents.
  7. Employee Development and Performance Evaluations:
    • Dollar General encourages growth, and this part of the handbook discusses opportunities for training, development, and the process for performance reviews.
  8. Disciplinary Actions:
    • It outlines the steps the company will take in response to violations of company policies or misconduct.
  9. Grievance Procedures:
    • For issues that arise, the handbook provides a clear process for voicing concerns and resolving workplace disputes.
  10. Termination and Resignation:
    • The handbook explains the procedures for voluntary resignation and the company’s approach to termination, including exit interviews and final pay.

Making the Most of the DGME Employee Handbook

  1. Read Thoroughly:
    • Take the time to read the handbook carefully. Understanding the content fully can prevent misunderstandings and ensure you are aware of your rights and obligations.
  2. Ask Questions:
    • If anything in the handbook is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask your manager or HR representative for clarification.
  3. Refer Back Often:
    • The handbook is not a one-time read. Use it as a reference guide whenever you have questions about company policies or your employment.
  4. Stay Updated:
    • Policies may change, and it’s important to stay informed. Keep an eye out for updates or revisions to the handbook.
  5. Know Where to Find It:
    • Ensure you know how to access the handbook, whether it’s a physical copy or available online through the DGME portal.


The DGME Employee Handbook is an essential resource for every Dollar General employee. It not only guides you through the company’s expectations and your own responsibilities but also serves as a protective measure, ensuring that you understand the structure within which you can work and thrive.

By familiarizing yourself with the handbook, you empower yourself to navigate your employment with confidence and clarity, paving the way for a successful and rewarding career with Dollar General.

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