What are Dollar General Employee Expectations?

As a first-time employee at any company, it is natural to have questions and uncertainties about what is expected of you. This sentiment rings true for those who are joining the workforce at Dollar General as well.

Dollar General, one of the largest discount retailers in the United States, has a strong presence with over 17,000 stores across the country. Having such a vast reach and influence, it is no wonder that many individuals are interested in becoming a part of this organization.

But before joining the Dollar General team, it is essential to understand what their employee expectations are.

In this article, we will delve into the details of what you can expect as an employee at Dollar General, from the hiring process to your day-to-day responsibilities.

Dollar General Employees Expectations Points

  • Adherence to Company Policies: Understanding and following work hours, dress code, and code of conduct.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Providing customers with convenience, quality products, and great prices.
  • Respect and Opportunities for Colleagues: Fostering a respectful environment and supporting team members.
  • Understanding Employee Benefits: Being aware of and utilizing available employee benefits.
  • Professional Development: Taking advantage of resources for skill development and career advancement.
  • Ethical Conduct and Professionalism: Upholding standards of integrity in all duties and standing behind products and services.
  • Compliance with Business Ethics: Adhering to the principles in the company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.
  • Awareness of Challenges: Recognizing issues like lower pay, poor working conditions, and high expectations with limited support.
  • Proactive Workplace Engagement: Continuously learning, embracing workplace culture, and utilizing available resources.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

The day-to-day responsibilities of a Dollar General employee can vary depending on the position they hold. However, some general tasks that employees may be responsible for include:

  • Stocking and organizing merchandise: This involves receiving, unpacking, and stocking merchandise on shelves or in designated areas.
  • Operating the cash register: As a cashier, you will be responsible for processing customer transactions accurately and efficiently.
  • Maintaining store cleanliness: Employees are expected to help keep the store clean and organized at all times.
  • Assisting customers: Whether it is helping a customer find a specific item or answering their questions, employees are expected to go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.


As an employee at Dollar General, you can expect to be held to high standards of professionalism, teamwork, and customer service.

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