How Many Write-Ups Before Termination at Dollar General?

If you’re an employee at Dollar General, you might be wondering how many write-ups you can receive before being terminated then in this article, I will let you know more information about the write-ups process at Dollar General.

Dollar General Write-Up Policy Stages & Factors

Dollar General Write-ups serve as formal notices for policy violations, performance issues, or other workplace infractions. The process typically begins with a verbal warning and can escalate to written warnings, suspension, or termination depending on the violation’s severity.

Stages of Write-Ups

  1. Verbal Warning: This initial step aims to address minor issues, providing employees with an opportunity to correct their behavior.
  2. Written Warning: In case issues persist or for more serious infractions, written warnings are issued.
  3. Suspension or Termination: Repeated violations or severe misconduct may result in suspension or termination.

Main Factors the Number of Write-Ups

  • Nature of the Infraction: For more serious issues like theft, assault, intoxication, slander, fraud, or major violations of the Dollar General code of conduct, getting fired on the spot is a possibility.
  • Employee’s History: They take into account the employee’s track record, including previous write-ups and overall performance.
  • Severity and Frequency: How severe and how often the infractions occur greatly influence the course of action we take.

Variability in Enforcement

  1. Money Mishaps: When it comes to small cash handling mistakes (like being over or short by less than $1.99), some stores may take a more forgiving approach. They focus on fixing the error rather than resorting to write-ups.
  2. Manager’s Call: Store Managers (SM) and Assistant Store Managers (ASM) often have the flexibility to address system errors or minor issues without jumping straight to formal write-ups.

The Three Write-Ups Rule

Some employees generally understand that you might need to receive three write-ups for the same reason before termination is considered. For example, if you’re written up three times for being late, it could lead to termination. However, this doesn’t apply to different types of infractions.

Severity of the Offense

The nature and severity of the offense are key factors in deciding how we handle it. When there are major policy violations, we may terminate without multiple write-ups.

Dollar General Termination Policy

Dollar General operates on an “at-will” employment basis, meaning either the company or the employee can terminate the employment at any time, with or without cause. However, termination is typically a last resort.

Grounds for Immediate Termination

Certain actions, like gross misconduct, theft, assault, or serious violations of company policy, can lead to immediate termination without multiple write-ups.

The Role of Management

Management is in charge of implementing the disciplinary process in a fair and consistent manner, making sure all employees are aware of the company’s policies and expectations.

Employee Rights and Appeals

  1. Employees have the right to appeal any disciplinary action taken against them.
  2. Appeals must be made within three business days of receiving written notice of the disciplinary action.
  3. The appeal process includes a review by an impartial committee, which will make a final decision.

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