Does Dollar General Pay Vacation After Termination?

Dollar General’s stance on paying out vacation time after an employee’s termination is straightforward and has been clarified in recent policy updates and employee feedback after reading it below.

Dollar General Pay Vacation Or Not After Termination?

  • No Payout on Termination: Dollar General Employees do not receive pay vacation After termination or for unused vacation time upon termination, whether they are terminated or self-terminated.
  • Policy Revision: The employee handbook explicitly states this policy, as noted in a complaint on
  • Employee Feedback: Various sources, including online Reddit posts and Glassdoor reviews, support the fact that Dollar General does not pay out vacation or sick pay at the store level upon termination.

What are the Dollar General Pay Vacation Rules?

Now you have learned that Dollar General doesn’t pay a vacation to those employees who have been fired or terminated so what’s the rule before and after? To know more you can check out this article about Dollar General PTO where everything is described thoroughly to make you understand more.

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