Does Dollar General Pay Weekly Or Biweekly?

When considering a job at Dollar General or if you’re newly employed by the company, one of the key aspects you’ll want to understand is the pay schedule. After all, knowing when and how often you’ll receive your paycheck is crucial for managing your finances.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pay schedule at Dollar General – whether it’s weekly or biweekly, and what you can expect as an employee.

Pay Schedule: Weekly or Bi-Weekly?

Dollar General pays its employees on a bi-weekly basis. This means that employees receive their paychecks every two weeks, typically on a Friday.

This bi-weekly pay schedule is consistent across all its stores, ensuring that all employees, regardless of their position or location, are paid at the same frequency.

Advantages of a Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule

  1. Easier Budgeting: Receiving a paycheck every other week can make it easier for employees to manage their monthly expenses. It provides a predictable income stream that helps in planning for bills, rent, and other financial commitments.
  2. More Paychecks in a Year: While it might seem counterintuitive, a bi-weekly pay schedule actually results in two months per year where employees receive three paychecks instead of two. This can be particularly helpful for budgeting or saving for larger expenses.
  3. Consistent Cash Flow: For Dollar General, a bi-weekly pay schedule ensures a steady and manageable cash flow, allowing the company to efficiently handle payroll and related expenses.

Managing Your Finances on a Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule

Adjusting to a bi-weekly pay schedule, especially if you’re accustomed to being paid weekly, can take some time. Here are a few tips to help manage your finances under this pay structure:

  • Budget Monthly: Plan your budget on a monthly basis, taking into account the total income you’ll receive from your two paychecks.
  • Save for the Third Paycheck: Use the months where you receive three paychecks to boost your savings or pay down debt.
  • Automate Bill Payments: If possible, set up automatic payments for recurring bills around your pay schedule to ensure timely payments and avoid late fees.


Dollar General’s bi-weekly pay schedule is an important aspect for current and prospective employees to understand. It offers a balance between predictability for budgeting and the benefit of receiving an extra paycheck twice a year.

By planning your finances around this pay schedule, you can ensure that you’re making the most of your earnings while working at Dollar General.

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