How to Get Your Dollar General Employee Discount

Dollar General is known for its commitment to providing value to its customers, but the company also extends special savings to its employees through an employee discount program.

If you’re a Dollar General employee looking to save even more on your purchases, here’s a guide on how to take advantage of your employee discount.

Dollar General Employee Discount

The employee discount at Dollar General is a benefit offered to the company’s staff, allowing them to purchase items at a reduced price. This discount is one of the many perks of working for the retailer and is designed to enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Eligibility for the Discount

Typically, the employee discount is available to all active employees of Dollar General. There may be a probationary period when you first start, after which the discount becomes available. Check with your manager or HR department to understand the specific eligibility requirements.

How to Use Your Employee Discount

Step 1: Activate Your Discount

Upon eligibility, you may need to activate your employee discount. This could involve:

  • Registering for an employee account on the DGme portal.
  • Verifying your employment status.
  • Receiving a unique employee discount code or card.

Step 2: Shop as Usual

Visit your local Dollar General store or shop online, if available, and select the items you wish to purchase.

Step 3: Apply Your Discount at Checkout

When ready to check out:

  • Present your employee discount card or provide your employee number at a physical store.
  • Enter your employee discount code at checkout if shopping online.

Step 4: Review Your Savings

Ensure that the discount has been applied to your purchase by reviewing the receipt or order confirmation. The discount should be clearly itemized.

Restrictions and Limitations

The Dollar General employee discount may come with certain restrictions:

  • It may not be applicable to all items, such as alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, and certain electronics.
  • There may be a limit on the discount percentage or the total discount amount per purchase.
  • The discount might not be combinable with other promotions or coupons.

Tips for Maximizing Your Discount

  • Stay informed about special employee discount events or additional savings opportunities.
  • Use the discount in conjunction with Dollar General’s already low prices to maximize savings.
  • Understand the terms and conditions of the discount to avoid any surprises at checkout.


The Dollar General employee discount is a valuable benefit that can lead to significant savings on your everyday purchases. By following the proper steps to activate and use your discount, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor beyond your paycheck.

Always stay updated with the latest employee discount policies and enjoy the additional perk of being a part of the Dollar General team.

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