How Do I Change My Dollar General W2 Mail Delivery Address?

If you’re an employee at Dollar General, you may have received your annual W2 form through the mail. However, if you’ve recently moved or changed addresses, you may need to update your W-2 mailing address for future tax forms.

Let’s know about the process of changing your Dollar General W2 mail delivery address and why it’s important to keep your address up-to-date, and the different methods available for updating your information.

So whether you’ve relocated or simply want to switch up where you receive your tax forms, read on to learn more about changing your Dollar General W2 mail delivery address.

How To Change W-2 Mail Delivery Address

Via Online Portal:

  • Visit the Dollar General Associate Portal:
  • Log in with your DG Associate ID and password.
  • Go to your profile settings or personal information section.
  • Find the Mailing Address field and update it with your new W-2 delivery address.
  • Save your changes.

Via Paper Form:

  • Contact your store manager or the Dollar General payroll department.
  • Request a W-2 address change form.
  • Fill out the form with your current and new mailing addresses.
  • Submit the completed form to your store manager or HR department.

Via Contact Customer Support:

  • If you face difficulties with the online portal or can’t access the necessary form,¬†contact Dollar General customer support at 1-800-344-4725.
  • Explain your situation and request assistance with updating your W-2 mailing address.

Additional Tips:

  • Update your address well in advance to ensure timely delivery of your W-2 form.
  • Double-check your new address information for accuracy before submitting it.
  • Keep a copy of your address change confirmation for your records.

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