How Do I Get Paid Vacation at Dollar General?

If you’re working at Dollar General as an employee then it comes with its own set of benefits, one of which is paid vacation.

Taking time off work to relax and recharge is important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In this article, we will explore how you can get paid vacation at Dollar General.

Paid vacation is a form of employee benefit where an employee receives compensation for taking time off work. The amount of paid vacation time and pay varies depending on the company’s policies and the employee’s tenure.

Eligibility For Getting Paid Vacation

  • Full-Time Employees: As a full-time employee at Dollar General, you are eligible for paid vacation after completing one year of service.
  • Part-Time Employees: If you work part-time at Dollar General, you may still be eligible for paid vacation depending on your average hours worked per week and tenure with the company.
  • Associate Employees: You start earning paid vacation after completing six months of employment.
  • Store Managers and Assistant Store Managers: You’re eligible for 40 hours of paid vacation right from the start of your employment.

How Many Paid Vacations Allowed at Dollar General

  • For Associate Employees:
    • During the first 5 years: Earn 10 hours of paid vacation per year.
    • Between 6 to 12 months: Increase to 20 hours per year.
    • Between 13 to 24 months: Jump to 40 hours per year.
    • After 2+ years: Almost 80 hours per year.
  • For Store Managers and Assistant Store Managers: The accrual rate varies and is usually outlined in individual contracts and also depends on the HR locations, and policy of the store.

How to Request Paid Vacation at Dollar General

  • Request Procedure: Submit your vacation request to your store manager at least two weeks in advance.
  • Approval Considerations: Approval depends on the store’s needs and staffing levels.
  • Carrying Over Vacation: You can roll over any unused vacation days to the next year, as long as you follow the limits mentioned in the employee handbook.
  • Getting Paid for Unused Vacation: Depending on the company rules and local regulations, you might be able to cash out your unused vacation days.

Tips for Maximizing Vacation Time

  1. Maintain Good Performance and Attendance
  2. Offer Scheduling Flexibility
  3. Plan in Advance
  4. Keep Track of Your Vacation Balance

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